Dear people that I care for and am thankful for,

Hope this email finds you very well, and wish you and your loved ones a happy new year! 2020 has passed and hopefully the mess that it gave to us will be passed soon. For me, it was a mess of joy and sadness, satisfaction and regret, determination and uncertainty. Many and not many things happened in 2020 as I completed my CFA research challenge, settled on a new apartment, managed the online semester and was missing school life and people. I also finished some goals that I set up at the beginning of 2020 – cultivate exercise habits, be TA and RA, get an internship, enhance python skills, etc.

And with all of these I fortunately achieved, the thing that I want to share most–

that I have accepted the offer from Alibaba on the position in Corporate Risk Operation - Platform Management as a Data Analyst. This is quite a serendipity for me as 1. I was reached out by HR, 2. HR wrongly put me in the accelerated recruitment round, 3. I thought it was an operationist position and it turns out to be a DA program that I will be rolling into three departments to explore Ali's business. Finally, on the day before my final exam, 3 days before my graduation ceremony, I received the offer call from Alibaba and checked my goal of getting an offer before graduation.

However, it also means that my original plan of getting a job in the US now has to stop, and my finance knowledge might be not applied to my future work as the role will be focused more on the Internet industry. But I believe that the things I learned in IBS (finance mindset, school spirit, computer skill, and team-ability, etc) are undoubtedly cherishable and appliable in my life. To be honest, I am quite excited and looking forward to showing IBS power and me power in Alibaba group now.

So, looking back at 2020, if you asked me what I learned from it, being strong could be a key phrase. Be strong on your physical body, do exercise every day, eat healthily, staying alive is uneasy and valuable; Be strong on your mind, feel positive, find the good side of bad things and keep going with persistence; Also, be strong on your power, be impactful and contribute more to your community. I believe this lesson will be going with me in 2021 and my whole life and will remind me to always be strong physically, mentally, and socially.

I have already booked the flight for April 1st and am considering moving the date earlier. The location of my job is in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, also 10 mins drive from my home. So please definitely let me know if you have the plan of visiting China and Hangzhou. I will be thrilled to host you and show you the beauty of this city!

I sincerely wish you and your family all the best in 2021, wish we will be positive, be strong, and be impactful. Please keep in touch and I will be honored if I can be any of your help in the future.

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